Playing with Gifs – Mischa Chandler at Kensington

Mischa’s fun to take photos with and happy to let me shoot. I wasn’t intending to make gifs when I took these, so I have a few other photos to post, but I’m trying to play with photos not just shoot and edit, so here’s this.

I found two easy tutorials for making gifs in photoshop CS5: Basic Gif and one for adding kind of fade in / fade out effect to “smooth the gif out. I think both have their place, but made one of each of two different photo sets just to compare.

I met Mischa at Flatspot Shop and we headed out to Kensington Skatepark. Mischa took a couple laps of the stairs for me while I stood in the bowl. Here’s the gif no fade effect:


with the fade effect:


Sometimes things don’t go your way, good thing Mischa was wearing a helmet. I didn’t keep shooting when he went down, it was a thud, you get the idea. Fortunately, he’s was all good.

No fade effect:


With fade:




3 thoughts on “Playing with Gifs – Mischa Chandler at Kensington

      • Haha that’ll do it!
        It could have been like sun coming through clouds making light inconsistent. If you shot in some form of non-automatic it may have adjusted it too.

        I recommend taking a look at the “levels adjustment layer” for fixing that kinda stuff. A quick google search should sort that kind of thing out fast.

        Great shots nonetheless Les

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