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Small Business BC Awards: Vote for Flatspot Longboard Shop

Flatspot Longboard Shop has recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary and is looking forward to an even stronger future. Mischa Chandler, Founder and Managing Partner of Flatspot, is both a friend and a mentee. While I was Team Manger for Rayne Longboards and Vicious Griptape, Mischa was one of my sponsored team riders and his overflowing brain of wonderful thoughts helped lead us into a more defined mentor/mentee relationship when Mischa approached me about opening Flatspot.

Please have a look at the Small Business BC Awards currently under way. If you agree, please show Flatspot your support. Skateboard retail is really about skateboard community. The shops work on stiff margins with heavy competition from USA online retail and Mischa has been killing it here in BC.

To vote for our Community Impact CLICK HERE

To vote for Premiers People’s Choice (ie. if you like us) CLICK HERE

(Yes you are allowed to vote for us for both categories!)


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