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Skate[Slate]’s Jon Huey in Vancouver with Flatspot

Jon Huey is one of the talented people I get to work with at Skate[Slate]. Jon came up to Vancouver to stay with me and work on the magazine and spent some time at Flatspot Longboards and out in the community while he was here.

I’m personally stoked on this shot he got of me at the Parkade Session we joined in on. Check the article Jon posted on Skate[Slate].com for more photos and his story. Parkades happen weekly in Vancouver and are a staple of our regular community fun here in town. If you want to find out more, it’s open and inviting, but you gotta come find out how to join in person at Flatspot and we can connect you.

A little switch fun at one of my favourite spots. Photo Jon Huey

A little switch fun at one of my favourite spots. Photo Jon Huey

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Portraits from the 2014 Toronto Board Meeting

I have known about the Toronto Board Meeting for years, but always had a reason to be somewhere else. No excuses this year, I packed my bags with Aidan Lynds and we headed out to Toronto.

One of the iconic things in my mind is the black & white photos of Board Meeting over the years, most notably to me are the ones from Jonathan Nuss. Nuss and the Skate Invaders are a large part of my image of the Ontario scene as whole.

I snapped some images for Switchback Longboards while I was there and kept it to Monochrome because it felt right (Album here). Continue reading

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GifYoutube App Makes Fail Gifs Too Easy

Strolling the interwebs the other day I stumbled across a fun web app for making gifs from youtube videos –

Simply throw in the youtube video address, move the time scroller to the desired start time and select the duration of the gif. Too easy!!

Here’s the gif:

Les Robertson Griffin Hopkins Aidan Lynds Menlo Slide Jam

One of my favorite moments of the last few years of skate travel was Aidan Lynds, Griffin Hopkins and I all trying to sit in my hammock at the Menlo Slide Jam… and fail.

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Playing with Gifs – Mischa Chandler at Kensington

Mischa’s fun to take photos with and happy to let me shoot. I wasn’t intending to make gifs when I took these, so I have a few other photos to post, but I’m trying to play with photos not just shoot and edit, so here’s this.

I found two easy tutorials for making gifs in photoshop CS5: Basic Gif and one for adding kind of fade in / fade out effect to “smooth the gif out. I think both have their place, but made one of each of two different photo sets just to compare.

I met Mischa at Flatspot Shop and we headed out to Kensington Skatepark. Mischa took a couple laps of the stairs for me while I stood in the bowl. Here’s the gif no fade effect:


with the fade effect:


Sometimes things don’t go your way, good thing Mischa was wearing a helmet. I didn’t keep shooting when he went down, it was a thud, you get the idea. Fortunately, he’s was all good.

No fade effect:


With fade:




UBC Skatepark Spring Session

Played skateboards with Mischa Chandler, Aidan Lynds and Mike Slota at the UBC Skatepark a few weeks back. Snapped some pics with a Canon T3i, 10-22 lens, Canon speedlite and an LED spot. These usually just hit insta so I thought I’d post some here for a change.