Kamloops, British Colombia opened the World’s First Longboard Park and I had the pleasure of being there thanks to Switchback Longboards and the #SwitchbackAnimals. I swapped runs with Aidan Lynds to cover the filming and he put together the edit.

Check the original CFB-TV News report here: http://www.cfjctv.com/video/OCT20_LONGBOARD.m4v


Switchback Longboards helped me get to the Toronto Board Meeting with Aidan Lynds this past September so we brought out the cameras and put together a little edit capturing all the fun with the #SwitchbackAnimals and the Ontario community.

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GifYoutube App Makes Fail Gifs Too Easy

Strolling the interwebs the other day I stumbled across a fun web app for making gifs from youtube videos – GifYoutube.com

Simply throw in the youtube video address, move the time scroller to the desired start time and select the duration of the gif. Too easy!!

Here’s the gif:

Les Robertson Griffin Hopkins Aidan Lynds Menlo Slide Jam

One of my favorite moments of the last few years of skate travel was Aidan Lynds, Griffin Hopkins and I all trying to sit in my hammock at the Menlo Slide Jam… and fail.

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DIY Duct Tape Car Mount Canon 7D Follow Runs

I recently picked up a used Canon 7D to up my video and photo game a little. The other day Aidan Lynds and I were heading to Switchback Longboards in Nanaimo and took the a little rip through the Nebraska Wilderness to film a few follow runs.

Aidan Lynds Les Robertson Canon Camera 7D Longboarding Downhill Skateboarding Kia Soul Follow Runs

Rather than session a corner and take photos, we oped to do some car follow runs. I don’t own a mount, so we went with a little DIY, rolled up sweatshirt for cushioning and Duct Taped the camera to the car. We tried it taped on the grill for a few runs and on the hood for a few runs. There were Pro’s and Con’s to both.

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Part of my role for the Whistler Longboard Festival Skate x Shoot event was to ensure there was a video commemorating the event. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Newman Productions and knew we were going to get an incredible and memorable video.

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