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Portraits from the 2014 Toronto Board Meeting

I have known about the Toronto Board Meeting for years, but always had a reason to be somewhere else. No excuses this year, I packed my bags with Aidan Lynds and we headed out to Toronto.

One of the iconic things in my mind is the black & white photos of Board Meeting over the years, most notably to me are the ones from Jonathan Nuss. Nuss and the Skate Invaders are a large part of my image of the Ontario scene as whole.

I snapped some images for Switchback Longboards while I was there and kept it to Monochrome because it felt right (Album here). Continue reading

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GifYoutube App Makes Fail Gifs Too Easy

Strolling the interwebs the other day I stumbled across a fun web app for making gifs from youtube videos –

Simply throw in the youtube video address, move the time scroller to the desired start time and select the duration of the gif. Too easy!!

Here’s the gif:

Les Robertson Griffin Hopkins Aidan Lynds Menlo Slide Jam

One of my favorite moments of the last few years of skate travel was Aidan Lynds, Griffin Hopkins and I all trying to sit in my hammock at the Menlo Slide Jam… and fail.

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DIY Duct Tape Car Mount Canon 7D Follow Runs

I recently picked up a used Canon 7D to up my video and photo game a little. The other day Aidan Lynds and I were heading to Switchback Longboards in Nanaimo and took the a little rip through the Nebraska Wilderness to film a few follow runs.

Aidan Lynds Les Robertson Canon Camera 7D Longboarding Downhill Skateboarding Kia Soul Follow Runs

Rather than session a corner and take photos, we oped to do some car follow runs. I don’t own a mount, so we went with a little DIY, rolled up sweatshirt for cushioning and Duct Taped the camera to the car. We tried it taped on the grill for a few runs and on the hood for a few runs. There were Pro’s and Con’s to both.

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Part of my role for the Whistler Longboard Festival Skate x Shoot event was to ensure there was a video commemorating the event. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Newman Productions and knew we were going to get an incredible and memorable video.

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Switchback Longboards Caliber II Release

The boys at Switchback Longboards always have a unique sense of humor and are ready to have fun. While they waited on the arrival of the new Caliber Trucks Caliber II’s we played with some ideas for Switchback to make the promotion unique and fitting of Caliber’s polished brand. We decided to go with some classy Canadian Animals mimicking the Caliber Pro photos. Have a look and check for the best place in Canada to get Caliber Trucks online!


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Brooklyn Workshop Presents Skate x Shoot and Enduro

The Whistler Longboard Festival Skate x Shoot event has been saved!

Huge thanks to Brooklyn Workshop for presenting and Bustin Boards for backing them. Also have to seriously thank Restless, Paris, Road Rider, Loaded, Switchback and Predator for their support. Without their support and vision, this event was dead for 2014. Continue reading