Part of my role for the Whistler Longboard Festival Skate x Shoot event was to ensure there was a video commemorating the event. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Newman Productions and knew we were going to get an incredible and memorable video.

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Second Place at Jake’s Rash Old Man Race!

Despite skating down hills for years now, Freeride’s and lurking the back of the pack seshing runs with the homies is more my style. Add running brand activations at most events and I have rarely entered a “race”. Last year I hit up the Mt. Tabor race on “holiday” and entered myself to actually compete. Tabor is a rad old-school tuck race in Portland, a generally mellow hill, but anything can happen racing. I ended up crashing with OSL in my first heat (Sorry buddy!), but advancing, and then out next round. Fun times for sure.

This past week was the infamous Danger Bay and Jake’s Rash. I was working with Switchback at Danger Bay and not really down for the havoc of the historic crash corner, but the party is rad. I had more time at the mid-week Jake’s Rash (not a family event!) and really enjoy the speedy, sweepy course – time to race.

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