Part of my role for the Whistler Longboard Festival Skate x Shoot event was to ensure there was a video commemorating the event. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Newman Productions and knew we were going to get an incredible and memorable video.

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Brooklyn Workshop Presents Skate x Shoot and Enduro

The Whistler Longboard Festival Skate x Shoot event has been saved!

Huge thanks to Brooklyn Workshop for presenting and Bustin Boards for backing them. Also have to seriously thank Restless, Paris, Road Rider, Loaded, Switchback and Predator for their support. Without their support and vision, this event was dead for 2014. Continue reading


Bringing Back Whistler Longboard Festival Skate x Shoot

One of my favorite events is the Whistler Longboard Festival and in particular the Skate x Shoot event.

While the core community tends to prefer the DH, the Skate x Shoot puts you out on a rolling, diverse course – the actual Olympic Biathlon track at the Whistler Olympic Park – where you are tested across a variety of riding skills and you get to shoot some guns! Skaters that have come out to the event are from all walks of skateboarding and no one has ever been disappointed, even when it poured rain.

Running an event is not a small task and is not all that cheap. Even for a small an event like this. Unfortunately, the event is in jeopardy because of a shortage of funding and we would all be bummed if it couldn’t happen.

Check out Rayne’s coverage of the 2013 event below and please hit up the Whistler Longboards Facebook page and show your support for the event.