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GifYoutube App Makes Fail Gifs Too Easy

Strolling the interwebs the other day I stumbled across a fun web app for making gifs from youtube videos –

Simply throw in the youtube video address, move the time scroller to the desired start time and select the duration of the gif. Too easy!!

Here’s the gif:

Les Robertson Griffin Hopkins Aidan Lynds Menlo Slide Jam

One of my favorite moments of the last few years of skate travel was Aidan Lynds, Griffin Hopkins and I all trying to sit in my hammock at the Menlo Slide Jam… and fail.

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Switchback Longboards Caliber II Release

The boys at Switchback Longboards always have a unique sense of humor and are ready to have fun. While they waited on the arrival of the new Caliber Trucks Caliber II’s we played with some ideas for Switchback to make the promotion unique and fitting of Caliber’s polished brand. We decided to go with some classy Canadian Animals mimicking the Caliber Pro photos. Have a look and check for the best place in Canada to get Caliber Trucks online!


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Flatspot X No Future Orcas Island Adventure

Flatspot Longboard Shop has teamed up with No Future Skateboards to throw a little get together at Orcas Island Skatepark June 30th to July 2nd.

As Mercado puts it in his poster, it’s a 100% no pressure, skating, camping, fishing and drinking. We’ll see!

I threw together a series of insta images for Flatspot to help promote the event:

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FlatBack SpotSwitch Go Skate Day Adventure!

Switchback Longboards and Flatspot Longboards are teaming up for a FlatBack SpotSwitch Go Skate Day Adventure! I’ll be ripping around with Mischa from Flatspot and Luke Melo and a rag tag crew in Bussy all day.

We’re meeting at Flatspot in the morning and will be posting spots as we’re headed to them for anyone who wants to meet up.

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