Kamloops, British Colombia opened the World’s First Longboard Park and I had the pleasure of being there thanks to Switchback Longboards and the #SwitchbackAnimals. I swapped runs with Aidan Lynds to cover the filming and he put together the edit.

Check the original CFB-TV News report here: http://www.cfjctv.com/video/OCT20_LONGBOARD.m4v


Switchback Longboards helped me get to the Toronto Board Meeting with Aidan Lynds this past September so we brought out the cameras and put together a little edit capturing all the fun with the #SwitchbackAnimals and the Ontario community.

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Portraits from the 2014 Toronto Board Meeting

I have known about the Toronto Board Meeting for years, but always had a reason to be somewhere else. No excuses this year, I packed my bags with Aidan Lynds and we headed out to Toronto.

One of the iconic things in my mind is the black & white photos of Board Meeting over the years, most notably to me are the ones from Jonathan Nuss. Nuss and the Skate Invaders are a large part of my image of the Ontario scene as whole.

I snapped some images for Switchback Longboards while I was there and kept it to Monochrome because it felt right (Album here). Continue reading

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GifYoutube App Makes Fail Gifs Too Easy

Strolling the interwebs the other day I stumbled across a fun web app for making gifs from youtube videos – GifYoutube.com

Simply throw in the youtube video address, move the time scroller to the desired start time and select the duration of the gif. Too easy!!

Here’s the gif:

Les Robertson Griffin Hopkins Aidan Lynds Menlo Slide Jam

One of my favorite moments of the last few years of skate travel was Aidan Lynds, Griffin Hopkins and I all trying to sit in my hammock at the Menlo Slide Jam… and fail.

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Onboard Distribution – All The Pinche Way Monterreal Edit

The homies at Onboard Distribution were a HUGE help with running All The Pinche Way last fall in Mexico. Pinche Tour Mama, Claudio, now working with Onboard as well as Rayne, shot a bunch of video at Monterreal and just released a sick edit for Onboard’s channel to highlight their support for the tour.

Thanks to Claudio and Andres for all the support! Now peep the footage:


Second Place at Jake’s Rash Old Man Race!

Despite skating down hills for years now, Freeride’s and lurking the back of the pack seshing runs with the homies is more my style. Add running brand activations at most events and I have rarely entered a “race”. Last year I hit up the Mt. Tabor race on “holiday” and entered myself to actually compete. Tabor is a rad old-school tuck race in Portland, a generally mellow hill, but anything can happen racing. I ended up crashing with OSL in my first heat (Sorry buddy!), but advancing, and then out next round. Fun times for sure.

This past week was the infamous Danger Bay and Jake’s Rash. I was working with Switchback at Danger Bay and not really down for the havoc of the historic crash corner, but the party is rad. I had more time at the mid-week Jake’s Rash (not a family event!) and really enjoy the speedy, sweepy course – time to race.

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Pinche Interview with Thane Mag

Gbemi has been blogging about the longboard world for a few years now with All Around Skate and Thane Magazine. He has a unique style of Google Doc interviewing with an interesting and disarming feel and pace. A few months back (or so it feels?), Gbemi got in touch about my involvement in Rayne and Vicious, this time he wanted to hear about the Rayne All the Pinche Way Tour.

Check the link for the full interview.

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